The Quest

An Adventure for Change.........

More than an Adventure Race...

The Quest is an invitation to all true adventurers to experience an unique adventure challenge. This event is a fully fledged Adventure Race, with all it's inherent challenges, but without the comfort of a team to help carry the load when it gets tough, or to assist with the navigation when the sleepmonster comes to visit.

With a limited minimum equipment list, the pace is expected to be fast and furious. Split second tactical decision making abilities will make or break the daily results - but there is always tomorrow to make up the deficit!

But it is also much more than an Adventure Race as it forms an integral part of the Wilderness Adventure Education Trust's objectives of making a difference. Not only will all funds raised will be used in support of the trust objectives, we will also pursue opportunities for the competitors to interact with the trust bebeficiaries with the aim of growing both the sport and the individuals.

This event will require competitors to think "out of the box" and will demand of support crews to be part of the team as they will have to contribute to ensure the success of their competitor.

The mobile Race Village will provide a vibrant opportunity for competitors to interact and promote their sponsors. Novice adventure racers can get advice and tips from their seasoned counterparts whilst their support crews prepare equipment and meals for the next day's challenges.

Adventure Racing has always focussed on the team dynamics and the need for a team to stick and work together. This fundamental part of this great sport has resulted in it's identity, but unfortunately this has also made it challenging for competitors to compile teams and to race at individual capacity. The Quest will change this, but be prepared for the unexpected, as you might call on your strongest competition for support.

Whatever your Adventure Racing aspirations, The Quest will meet and exceed them.

Be part of an exciting new direction in Adventure Racing.


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  • Volunteers - Please e-mail us if you would like to volunteer to be an Event Official
  • Sponsors - The Quest is a unique event and as such our focus is to give exposure to the sponsors of the competitors as a first priority. Within those constraints, we will gladly consider sponsorship agreements.

Quest details



The Quest is an Adventure Staged Race for Solo Competitors in PRO (Professional) or Social categories.

The event will take place over 3 days. Each day will consist of at least 3 disciplines.

Each day will have a cut-off time which entrants in the PRO category must achieve to continue racing in this category and be eligible for prize money.

There will be a dark stage.

A maximum of 40 entries will be accepted.


Entry Fees

Competitors are required to raise funds in support of the Wilderness Adventure Education Trust to secure an entry.

PRO Category - min R1500-00

Social Category - min R1000-00.



Event Postponed. Dates to be advised.


Event Location

Western Cape Province, South Africa. The closest International Airport is Cape Town.



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